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Dog Trainer

Bring out the Best in Your Pet with Puppy Training

Dog Training
Dog Trainer
Dog Trainer

Contrary to what many think, a well-trained puppy is a happier dog. This is because puppy training provides several benefits to the animal as well as the owner.

Dogs are intelligent enough to know that there are some things they should be doing, and some that they shouldn't. What they don't know is exactly what these things are. Without instruction, this causes anxiety to the dog. Your little puppy will wonder what can get it into trouble, and just what counts as misbehavior. Puppy training gives your pet the guidance it needs to avoid trying to find out by trial and error.

When your puppy uses trial and error to discover the preferred behavior patterns, you will suffer as well as you puppy. You'll find your furniture chewed, your shoes used as a bathroom, and other such happenings that you'd rather not experience! With the help of a dog trainer, such incidents will be greatly minimized – and soon, stopped entirely.

A dog trainer will not only teach your pet what to do and what to avoid, but will also teach you how to reinforce the desired behaviors while discouraging the bad ones. Your ongoing efforts are what make the trainer's instructions stick, so that over time, your dog will develop into a pet that you'll enjoy interacting with and being around.

Once the basics are learned, puppy training can be taken to new levels. This is when your dog can be taught tricks, given lessons for KFC obedience shows, and other such things. Many pet owners love to teach their dogs a few (or more) tricks.

If you are looking for a dog trainer or puppy training around Green Brook, NJ, contact Helen Richardson CCDT. Helen Richardson CCDT is ready to help you with all stages of your dog's training and development. Call her today to get started.

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