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Easy Dog Training Tips

Training your dog can be a challenge, but there are plenty of easy dog training tips you can try.

First, make sure to train your dog in small snippets. It is easier for the dog to handle short sessions.

Also, Remember to praise your dog for good behavior. You can also use a "no-reward" word like "oops" for when he doesn't perform the correct behavior.

You will want to keep things fun and keep things easy so your dog can succeed.

No-one likes to fail... not even your dog!

Practicing obedience training with your dog every day will keep the skills fresh. A few minutes a day can do the trick.

Keep in mind that your dog is easily distracted in a new environment. So, you need to use high-value rewards (like meat and cheese) to keep him motivated.

An easy command to teach your dog is the sit command. It is one of the simplest commands to teach.

Hold the treat in front of, and just above, your dog's nose. This will naturally lure him into lowering his back end so that he can reach the treat.

Be patient if he jumps for the treat but don't let him snag the treat from your hand. Each time he jumps, pull your hand with the food away from the dog so that he can see that jumping doesn't work to get the food.

Once he is in the sitting position, reward him by giving him the treat.

Once you've mastered this, you can introduce the "down" command. You can teach this in a similar way to sit, but now you start with the treat at your dog's nose, and then slowly lower it to the floor. Once the dog is laying on the floor, give your dog the treat.

Notice there were no commands! At first, it is best to get the desired behavior. Once the desired behavior is consistently being offered by the dog based on your hand placement you can add in the command before doing the luring.

You are well on your way to having a dog that can do these skills!


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