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Helen Richardson CCDT Dog Training

We all love our dogs, they're like family. It's no secret though that sometimes our dogs can be hard to handle. They can act up just as a child would. They can dig holes in the yard and they can make leash walking seem like a bad dream. Knowing that there is help for your dog is a huge comfort. Professional dog training can be the best solution for both you and your dog to be able to function better to make both of you happy.

Helen Richardson is a professional dog trainer and an expert on dog behavior. She can help you and your dog to be able to be a happy family. Dogs are smart, they know that there are things that they should be doing as well as things that they should not be doing. Trial and error is not the way to live happily with your dog. Training and behavior classes will allow both of you to be better and happier together. Ignoring bad behavior is not the answer. Helen will teach both you and your dog what to do and what to avoid to be happy companions.

Training any dog can depend on the severity of the dog's behavior, the dog's temperament and how well the owner applies the dog training principles and how consistent the owner is with those training techniques. With in-person sessions held at your home, your dog can be evaluated for his needs for training. A plan to help him with his behavioral needs will be created and you and your dog can begin to work together to make him better.

There are no inhumane or cruel punishments used nor are there any harmful tools applied when training your dog. You can try the E collar to help train your dog, which can be a great way for your dog to develop better behavior and become the pet you desire. Dogs are social animals. They love attention yet they are very independent as well, which makes them need good leadership. Consistency is one of the best tools that you can apply when working with your dog. Rewarding your dog for good behavior is an awesome way to show your approval. Rewards can be a treat or some attentive petting or stroking. Teaching your dog the "sit" and "come" commands can be a great start to helping keep him safe and out of trouble.

Don't be embarrassed by your dog's behavior any longer. Get him and yourself the proper training that both of you need to be able to create a happy and healthy relationship whether you are at home or out in public.


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