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Which harness really is anti-pull?

There is a lot of equipment out there for dog owners and it can be confusing because sometimes the equipment is mislabeled!

Did you know, for example, that a harness clipped on the dog's back actually encourages pulling! I have seen several such harnesses labelled as anti-pull, when they are in fact quite the opposite.

If you are familiar with sled dogs, they are the poster "children" of pulling! Pulling is actually their job.... and so to set them up for success doing this job, they don't get just any kind of harness.

Sled dogs are attached to the sled on a harness that wraps around their chest, and attaches on their back.

Much of the pressure from pulling gets placed on the chest this way, which actually encourages pulling.

This is because dogs have what is called an "oppositional reflex."

That means if they have force applied to their chest, they are going to pull right into it. Just what the musher (sled driver) wants.

What could be more perfect than equipment that is constantly reinforcing the dog to pull, pull, pull.

But unfortunately for the unsuspecting dog owner, this type of setup is doomed to fail.

Of course, the larger and stronger your dog, the more of a problem it is...

So if you want to try a harness for your dog, buy one that truly is "no-pull"... which usually ends up being "less-pull". And that would be one that clips to their chest.

This way if the dog tries to pull forward, the harness is actually causing the dog to get pulled to one side.... and he/she is not getting that oppositional reflex engaged to pull.

This can go a long way to enjoying your walks with your dog even more!

See the big clip on the chest of the dog below?

That is where you want to attach your leash.

That way your canine companion is not getting the message to pull, pull, pull.... but instead gets the message that pulling is actually not going to get him/her where he/she wants to go.

Now you can both have even more enjoyable walks together!


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