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Dog Trainer

Empowering Dog Owners to Train & Maintain
Calm & Courteous Canine Companions

Do you want your dog to behave better in certain situations or just be easier to live with in general?  That really is possible!

Helen Richardson CCDT Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant LLC

Got Dog Problems....

or want to prevent them? 

I can help!!

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Location: Somerset County, New Jersey and surrounding areas

Dog Training

On leash behavior


Want to actually enjoy walks with your dog? 


Imagine no more leash pulling or reactivity to other dogs/people/animals. 

That means more freedom for you and your canine companion!

About Me
Helen Richardson

I studied dog training with Catch Canine Trainers Academy - Master Dog Trainer program and graduated with distinction.  During this program my dog training skills were evaluated by a seasoned professional and I received a perfect score.

I have also gained a wealth of canine knowledge from training my own dogs and would love to help you with yours. I use the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) approach to training and work with my clients to gain a well balanced dog.

Puppy Trainer

Have a lot more freedom and peace of mind with your dog.....
when they are trained!


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