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Food Doesn't Always Motivate a Dog

Some dog trainers train with the R+ or Purely Positive method of training. These trainers want to reward the dog for performing commands on cue, which is great. The only problem is when there is something much more tempting than food in the environment... or the dog isn't hungry.

The dog below isn't interested in food at the moment.... not all dogs want to keep eating, even after they feel full.

Let's face it. Dogs have their own priorities. Sometimes that is food. But when they are out in the yard there are so many things to catch up on. Perhaps some rabbits passed through the yard, or some deer walked by the fence. These are all smells that dogs will be interested in, even if it is several hours after it actually happened.

That is because dog's sense of smell is much more powerful than a human's. Sniffing the ground for a dog is like reading the newspaper for us. A chance to get caught up on what is happening in their territory, or anywhere really, is very important indeed.

Except what happens when you are running late and the dog won't come inside. In fact, you're not sure if the dog has lost his hearing. It appears that he is using selective hearing... just like your children do sometimes!

You'll want to keep in mind that dogs can get very deeply interested in a scent, so much so that they are less aware of their surroundings.

So the next time your dog is busy sniffing the ground and not responding to you, try not to get frustrated with the dog. It could happen to any dog... not just yours!

An e collar is the best tool on the market to get your dog's attention, even when there are highly motivating distractors in the environment.

With an e collar you can give the dog a tapping sensation from a distance via remote control. What better way to get a dog's attention? There isn't one really.

So the dog gets a clear message and the owner is less frustrated.

Because e collars can help to train your dog quickly, you can just get on enjoying each other all the more!


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