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How Not to Use a Remote Collar

When training our dogs with Remote Collars it is important to remember that these tools are not the end all be all of training - and should not just be used as a "No."

If you have a remote collar that you have purchased but are unsure about using it with your dog, please book a session (or more) with your local dog trainer.

Why not just strap the collar on the dog and start pushing buttons? Because remote collars are a tool, but are only effective when they are used properly.

Starting off on the wrong foot with remote collar training will make it more difficult to create clear communication with the dog in the future.

So instead of experimenting with it, have a professional come by for a minimum of one hour.

If you are living with a dog with any unmanageable behaviors - remote collars can really get you back to enjoying your dog a whole lot more.

For many people, that can be a huge relief!


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