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Training Techniques - Remote Collars Work

Training techniques vary widely across different trainers but thankfully there is a way to know if those techniques are working.... just look at the dog!

Happy, confident dogs have tail up, mouth hanging open.

And of course... well trained dogs respond to commands.

In order to get the dog to respond to you the best method I have found so far is the use of a remote collar. This is not a form of punishing the dog, just communicating with him/her.

Modern remote collars are highly adjustable - and not just used to tell the dog "no."

In my training I use the remote collar to get the dog into the follower position while on leash. This gets the dog into "travelling mode" and is therefore more likely to follow you while on leash.... and less likely to get distracted!

Dogs who are in follower position have head slightly down, ears back.

If you are struggling to get your dog under control, please contact me for a free phone consult.

My goal is for you to stop struggling with your dog, and start enjoying them!!!


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