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What it Takes to Train a Dog

Do you have the desire to hire a dog trainer who can fix all your dog behavior problems and you don't have to do a thing?

Unfortunately that is not possible as dogs are always learning and adapting to their current environment.

As a dog owner you have taken on the responsibility to care for your dog, and that means training the dog as well so that your dog will be safe with people (including small children), dogs and small animals.

Let's face it, dogs are predators. Our cute little furry companions are also capable of becoming unruly and even dangerous if we don't train them properly.

So what does it take to train a dog?

It takes daily practice...

it takes setting and maintaining a routine for your dog...

it takes enforcing rules on a daily basis...

it takes patience and calm and non confrontational interactions with your dog...

it takes daily walks...

it takes crate training...

it takes grooming acceptance practice...

it takes the correct timing of giving affection and also the correct timing for ignoring or correcting unwanted behavior.

So as you can see it also takes a very dedicated owner!

In short, it takes several months of dedicated practice and working with a dog trainer, along with implementing all of the exercises and limits with your dog on a consistent basis.

What do my packages provide?

The puppy package gives you the information you need to get started with getting your puppy off to a great start.

I provide you with several rules to enforce in the home as well as training techniques to get you started with obedience.

What is it that I cannot provide? I won't be there to make sure you enforce all the rules consistently, I won't be there to watch your timing, and I sure won't be able to magically transform your pup into the perfect dog.

But, that being said, I have spent countless hours testing different ways of training dogs and I am giving you the "distilled" version of what is absolutely necessary to get a well trained dog.

Many people may be surprised by how many rules need to be enforced at home but this is the primary way of letting the dog know who is in charge and to stop pushing for control of resources in the home.

All of the rules will need to be enforced, otherwise there will be a power imbalance, allowing your dog too much control. So only you can get your dog to be well trained. But that is part of the fun of learning how dogs learn and how to have a happy home with them.

The e collar packages for adult dogs is a great way to get your dog started on the road to success with training.

Sit, Come, Down are easy to train with an e collar. But it will take your continued use of the tools and information I give you to get that done.

Loose leash walking can take several months of you practicing with your dog on a daily basis, giving all the corrections as needed at the appropriate level.

I will of course train you to train your dog, however you will be the one interacting with your dog on a daily basis and so it is only you who can get the results.

Simply follow my directions, ask appropriate questions, and grow in your ability to train your dog! It really can be fun and exciting to see your dog's behavior slowly improve over time.

And every dog is capable of excellent behavior given that there are no medical problems.

So get out there and book some sessions with a dog trainer to get your life with your dog started on the right track.

The time is now to start your journey to truly enjoying your dog!


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